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Maison-Bouche (loosely translated as the mouths home) was the name given to the kitchen services of the 18th Century French Court. It included the kitchen services for the king, his family and the selected aristocracy accorded the privilege of dining with the royal family. The Maison-Bouche was supplied by the extensive gardens at Versailles, in addition to other royal gardens and those growers sanctioned by the Court.

The 21st Century revival of the Maison Bouche name was a nod to discerning clientele chocolate lovers looking for a superb and refined treat with subtle and tasteful enhancements. As each bouche is converted by word of mouth as well as taste, Maison Bouche continues its legacy.

For our artisanal chocolates, both the noir (dark) and the lait (milk) chocolates are the result of careful blending of the finest and smoothest chocolates, selected for both taste and texture. The result is a luscious base, which is a perfect pillow for the sophisticated complements, both savory and sweet.

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