"Valentine Day" Vintage Trio Gift Set:

A sampler set of new and favorite flavors for Valentine's Day - Pomme d'Amour (Candied Apple), Fleur de Sel and Chili Pepper.

Available in noir and lait.

$24 each

Vday Vintage Trio Set

Maison Bouche Valentine's Vintage Trio Set

Individual "Valentine's" Vintage Bars:

Chili Pepper - Whether you wish to amplify your ardor, or make your proposal more piquant, we suggest the slow symphony of chocolate and smoky chili pepper, whose intensity builds to a Bolero-like finish.

Vanille et Malt Croquants: The crunch of malted milk blended with the sweet, complex, almost earthy taste of vanilla.

Fleur de Sel: Accented with crunchy sea salt from Brittany to achieve the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

$6.50 each

Valentine Vintage Bars
Maison Bouche Valentine Vintage Bars


Pomme d'Amour - Everything sounds better in French, especially the expression for a candied apple.  Perhaps it's a metaphor for love: pure sweetness yielding to a more complex finish.

Crème Brûlée - When crème brûlée is made well, it is one of the most perfect desserts imaginable: creamy and unctuous, with a bit of crunchy resistance to increase your ardor.  This bar contains the best of the burnt sugar and creamy texture that make its appeal universal.

Rose with Pink Peppercorn - Consider the pink peppercorn as the slight thorn to the rose's sweetness - or as a warm smokiness cooled by the breeze.

$6.50 each

Valentine Vintage Bars

Maison Bouche Valentine Vintage Bars
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