La Cuisine de Maison Bouche

There are cakes in our cooker, and gateaux in our grilles! You needn’t hunt for our bundts, since little windows offer a glimpse into three rum chocolate bundt cake-shaped chocolates, flavored with butter cookie crunch. Choose milk or dark. Our exclusive cuisine is 3.5 x 2.5 inches.


$10 each


La Cuisine
La Cuisine de Maison Bouche

La Silhouette de Chat

Our fleur de sel chocolat chat weighs in at approximately 2 ounces and eats Miaou Mélange exclusively. Sitting pretty in a 3.5” square clear box with our exclusive kitty silhouette print. Choose milk or dark chocolate.


$8.50 each


La Silhouette de Chat
Maison Bouche Silhouette de Chat Chocolates


Langues de Chat with Fleur de Sel:

These hard to find European favorites are nestled twelve in a box. Each cat tongue has the impression of a cat face on each end. Available in lait (pink label) and noir (green label)



Maison Bouche Fleur de Sel Langues de Chat in Lait

Les Petits Lait & Noir:

Specially designed for those who consider variety the spice of life come two selections that embody both variety and spice.  Sample these as one would a flight of wines or better yet, match them with wines at your next dinner party or event in a blind tasting and see if guests can distinguish their distinctive flavorings! Set of 12 bars.


Noir selection includes two each: lavande et fleur de sel, fleur d'oranger, fleur de sel, poivre rose, absinthe and violette.

Lait selection includes two each: rose, fleur de sel, jasmin, lavande et fleur de sel, bergamote & geranium.


Les Petits



Maison Bouche Noir Les Petits Set

Les Petits Lait

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