"Holiday" Vintage Gift Box Collection:

This is the cheeriest big box of good cheer we've ever designed. A complete set of chocolates redolent of the season - with warming spices, infusions and essences that help us face the dreary weather with more uplifted spirits. Each playful image depicts some element of winter activity worthy of emulating.

Flavors in both Noir and Lait are Fleur de Sel, Eggnog, Plum Pudding, Spiced Rum, Maple Hazelnut Praline, Tiramisu, Toffee, Pain d'Épices and Mint Candy Cane.

$75 each

"Holiday" Vintage Gift Box
Maison Bouche Holiday Vintage Label Gift Box Set

"Holiday" Vintage Trio Set:

The perfect stocking stuffer! This set features our three most popular Holiday flavors - Fleur de Sel, Eggnog and Mint Candy Cane. In Noir and Lait.

$24 each

Holiday Vintage Trio Set

Maison Bouche Holiday Vintage Trio Set

Individual "Holiday" Vintage Bars (available in both Noir and Lait):

Tiramisu - A revelation! Chocolate, coffee and mascarpone - the ultimate Italian (or any) dessert, now in a bar. 

Fleur de Sel - Accented with crunchy sea salt from Brittany to achieve the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Eggnog - Eggnog is such a lovely drink - why don't we enjoy it year round?  We think it's because nutmeg, the ingredient that puts the nog in eggnog, is so closely linked by our tastebuds to the holidays.  It would be like Christmas carols in June.  This bar has all the velvety taste of rum and nutmeg of its namesake.

$6.50 each

Holiday Vintage Bar

Maison Bouche Holiday Vintage Bars

Plum Pudding - Ah plum pudding, a Victorian staple few of us have tasted except with our eyes when reading Dickens, stuffed with rum, nutmeg, orange zest, cloves, black pepper and dried currants. As pictured on the wrapper, you can either opt for standard shipping or Santa tossing yours down the chimney.

Mint Candy Cane - The added bonus of cool mint chocolate makes for the ultimate grown-up version of spicy peppermint bark.

Maple Hazelnut Praline - In addition to Captain Canuck and Dan Ackroyd, Canada has given us the brilliant idea of combining crunchy praline hazelnuts with sweet maple. Cheers!

$6.50 each

Holiday Vintage Bar

Maison Bouche Holiday Vintage Bars

Toffee - Crunch and chocolate go hand-in-hand, and when that crunch comes from burnt sugar alone, what's not to like?

Spiced Rum - Yo ho ho and a bottle of.....spiced rum, which means cloves, orange zest and nutmeg surrounded by rich chocolate for a full "aye, matey" experience.

Pain d'Épices -  The warmth and bite of ginger, cloves and cinnamon, the more intense heat of black pepper, the slight green and fresh taste of aniseed, and the sweetness of honey are all married in chocolate, evoking the ideal afternoon treat. Goes well with tea or coffee too.

$6.50 each

Holiday Vintage Bar

Maison Bouche Holiday Vintage Bars
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