"Coeur" Collection:

For those who prefer to eat their hearts (out) vs. wearing them on their sleeve, here are two options destined to woo and win your intended (even if the intended is you!). Both come in exclusive vintage looking calendar designs. Noir comes in red and lait in pink.


Petits Coeurs de Fleur de Sel:

A miniature collection of twelve Fleur de Sel hearts rests in a heart shaped box trimmed with a black satin ribbon handle. Choose lait (pictured here in pink) or noir (in red). The heart box measures 3 x3 1/4 inches and arrives in a clear box.

$18 each

Petits Coeurs de Fleur de Sel

Maison Bouche Petits Coeur Collection

Grand Coeur de Biscuit Caramel:

A new take on the $500,000 bar of your childhood, this solid heart with a crispy center made crunchy with toasted biscuit (French for crispy cookie) and rich with milk chocolate and caramelized sugar satisfies the sweetest of sweet tooths - a thoroughly delectable treat! In noir (pictured) in a red box or lait in a pink calendar box. The box measures 3 1/8 x 3 1/8 inches. 

$12 each

Coeur de Biscuit Caramel

Maison Bouche Grand Coeur Collection

Ouvrir Mon Coeur in Fleur de Sel:

This lock can only be opened by the key of "gee ..." Perfect for any heart that requires jimmying.

Available in noir (red box) and lait (pink box). which box measures 3 1/8 x 3 1/8 inches.

$16 each

Ouvrir Mon Coeur

Ouvrir Mon Coeur in Lait
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