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Les Fleurs:

Rose et Feuilles de Menthe


The fragrant scent of rose mixed with the refreshing crunch of crystallized mint leaves. Available in noir and lait.

Fleur d’Oranger:
The sweet scent of orange blossoms converges with the citrus taste in this perfumed bar. In noir only.

Night-blooming, fragrant jasmine flowers were the inspiration for this bar. In lait only.

Lavande des Hautes-Alpes et Fleur de Sel:
Renowned for its esoteric flavor, lavender gathered at the height of summer in the Alps is prized by the French. Combined with slightly crunchy fleur de sel, it's a very soignée bar. Available in noir and lait.


A delicate, sweet flavor that is experienced in concert by the taste buds and the nose. Reminiscent of French violet pastilles, but made more sophisticated by its affiliation with dark chocolate. In noir only. 

Geranium Bourbon:
Scented geranium from the Bourbon Islands blended with hints of mint and fruits - a refreshing combination redolent of Summer. In lait only.

Les Épices:

Fleur de Sel:
Accented with crunchy sea salt from Brittany to achieve the perfect balance of sweet and savory. One of our most popular bars! Available in noir and lait.

Fleur de Sel Fumée:
Our most popular flavor is now infused with smoked sea salt and flavor. Available in noir and lait.

Cardamome et Orange Confite:

Sweet, perfumey and slightly spicy cardamom and candied blood orange peel. Available in noir.

Herbes de Provence:

An earthy combination of winter savory and thyme, the coolness of fennel and the lively summer taste of basil with a hint of fleur de sel, all enrobed in dark chocolate. Available in noir.

Rosemary Almond:

An Italian combination if ever there was one - this bar combines the piney rosemary with the salty almond for a perfect winter treat. Available in noir and lait.

Les Diversités:


Known as "la fée verte" or green fairy, absinthe has a colorful association with 19th century artists, as its "medicinal" properties - when drunk in prodigal amounts - were thought thought to inspire masterpieces.  Maison Bouche's own absinthe bar is made without the "medicine" or alcohol that led to its prolonged ban, but does contain the main herbs that give absinthe its distinctive herbal, licorice taste. In noir only.


For those who love mocha and café au lait. Available in noir and lait.

Crème Brûlee:

When crème brûlée is made well, it is one of the most perfect desserts imaginable: creamy and unctuous, with a bit of crunchy resistance to increase your ardor.  This bar contains the best of the burnt sugar and creamy texture that make its appeal universal. Available in noir and lait.

Les Croquants:

Biscuit Caramel:
A new take on the $500,000 bar of your childhood (given inflation, this is probably the $2,000,000 bar now), a crispy center made crunchy with toasted biscuit (French for crispy cookie) and rich with milk chocolate and caramelized sugar satisfies the sweetest of sweet tooths. Available in noir and lait.

Crunch and chocolate go hand-in-hand, and when that crunch comes from burnt sugar alone, what's not to like? Available in noir and lait.

Riz Soufflé Caramélisé:

For those who like audible crunchiness in their bars, this is for the connoisseur of crunch. It is not enough that the rice is baked and airy; it's the further caramelization that lends the bar its signature satisfying snap. Available in noir and lait.

Vanille et Malt Croquants:

The crunch of malted milk blended with the sweet, complex, almost earthy taste of vanilla. Available in noir and lait. 

Croissant aux Amandes:

Is there anything more Parisian than an almond-filled pastry, particularly a buttery croissant? Here, the butter sweetness is replaced by chocolate, and the almond paste with toasted almonds, with just a hint of bitter almond extract. Available in noir and lait.

Crêpes Suzette:

Imagine the unctuousness of orange-zested chocolate, with a splash of Grand Marnier, and crunchy, buttery, crepe cookies, and you get the idea. Your tastebuds provide the flame. Available in noir.

Les Fruits:

The citrus that gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor is a bewitching enhancement that hovers between sweet and floral. In lait only.

Orange Sanguine Confite:
Candied orange peel is a welcome interruption in blood orange flavored dark chocolate. In noir only

The classic chocolate-dipped strawberry always has the problem, once having bitten in, of too much liquid. This bar solves that dilemma elegantly by instead infusing the strawberry essence into the chocolate. In noir only.


Les Spécialités:

Les Petits:

Specially designed for those who consider variety the spice of life come two selections that embody both variety and spice.  Sample these as one would a flight of wines or better yet, match them with wines at your next dinner party or event in a blind tasting and see if guests can distinguish their distinctive flavorings! Set of 12 bars.

Lait selection includes two each: rose, fleur de sel, jasmin, lavande et fleur de sel, bergamote & geranium bourbon.

Noir selection includes two each: lavande et fleur de sel, fleur d'oranger, fleur de sel, poivre rose, absinthe and violette.



Maison Bouche Trio of Bars

(Pictured above: Fraise des Bois bar, Fleur de Sel large Bar and Fleur de Sel bar with Paris Map label)

Maison Bouche Noir Les Petits Set

(Pictured above: Les Petits in noir)

Les Petits Lait

(Pictured above: Les Petits in lait)

Large bars are approximately 4.4 ounces (6" x 3"x 3/8") and small bars are about 2.2 ounces

(4 1/4" x 2" x 3/8")

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